Sunday, August 30, 2015


Hello Circus Goers, Today I drop the needle on a fine vinyl bootleg from my collection recorded on December 10 & 11, 1968. This one is on the Mushroom Records Label. One of a few versions of Rock N' Roll Circus.     The Great Rock 'N Roll Circus

Label / Index #
Mushroom Records 1383

Compare with;
Gulp (LP) (No Label Info)
The Rock & Roll Circus (LP) (PHONYGRAF / WIZARDO)
The Rock And Roll Circus (LP) (Barking Moose Records)The Rock And Roll Circus (LP) (Starlight Records SL87028 A/B)

Venue: Stonebridge Studios, Wembley, UK, Tuesday / Wednesday,
December 10 / 11, 1968
Recording: Soundboard
Comments: Pretty much identical to all other Rock And Roll Circus LP’s. This
also comes with a blue and white cover. Compare with the titles listed above.


FORT WORTH (The Rolling Stones)

Hello, Hello, Here is Tarrent County Convention Center. Fort Worth, Texas 2-25-72. AKA, The Great Lost Live. ENJOY........

TRIDENT DEMOS (The Rolling Stones)

And now ladies and gentlemen, (Drum roll please) one of my personal favorite's for you from 1969 and released in 1980. It's a rare 2 LP gem of gems that I drop the needle on today for your must have bootleg files. As they say, It just doesn't get any better than this. Not by much anyway.  ENJOY.....     

                                                                                    <<<<<<<<LINK SIDES 1 & 2>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<LINK SIDES 3 & 4>>>>>>>

This is not to be confused with Trident Mixes. For more information go to D

Saturday, August 22, 2015

FINAL TRUCKIN' (Deep Purple)

Hey All, A quick Deep Purple re-post today. Off to the Hollywood Bowl to see Heart. 

Let's get rockin' with some Deep Purple for your Monday. Here is Final Truckin' from Asaka, Japan, recorded on June 29, 1973. A must have for your bootleg files. ENJOY.....   

                                                              AHHHHH What the.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ted @ The Greek (Theodore Anthony Nugent)

Hey All, Sorry about that lack of post this month, but very busy with work. Lot's of cool T.V.'s coming this fall. Anyway lets go with The Detroit Rocker himself. That's Right, Uncle Ted Nugent with Ted @ The Greek recorded at the wonderful Greek theater in Los Angeles 0n 5/6/12.  ENJOY.....

Sunday, August 16, 2015


A GIRL FROM NANTUCKET (Brian Setzer Orchester)

Hello All, lets go to the Attic archive today for this fine one from The Brian Setzer Orchester.   Recorded Live in Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA - June 27, 2002.   ENJOY.....


TAXILE ON MAIN ST. (The Rolling Stones)

Taxile on Main St.
A selection of alternate live and studio versions/mixes from Exile on Main Street. 

Excellent sound quality. NOTE: There are two releases of the same name, this one is Taxile on Main ST, the other is Taxile on Main STREET. They are NOT the same.

Tax 1972, One Disk.

  1. Exile on Main Street Blues (Mick on piano & vocals - from NME-flexi-single, 5/72)
  2. All Down the Line (Alternate mix from withdrawn US single, 5/72)
  3. Sweet Virginia (early rough mix)
  4. Shake Your Hips (rehearsal take recorded in Montreux, March 1972)
  5. Stop Breaking Down (early mix with different vocal)
  6. Tumbling Dice (rehearsal take recorded in Montreux, March 1972)
  7. Shine a Light (early mix with different lead vocal)
  8. Ventilator Blues (recorded at Dallas sound check, June 24, 1972)
  9. Loving Cup (alternate mix with different vocal)
  10. Let it Loose (recorded at Dallas soundcheck, June 24, 1972)
  11. Boogie With Stu (recorded at Montreux US Tour rehearsals, March 1972)
  12. Rocks Off (Perth, Australia, February 24, 1973, afternoon show)
  13. Happy (Perth, Australia, February 24, 1973, afternoon show)
  14. Tumbling Dice (Perth, Australia, February 24, 1973, afternoon show)
  15. All Down the Line (Perth, Australia, February 24, 1973, afternoon show)
  16. Rip This Joint (Perth, Australia, February 24, 1973, afternoon show)

BOSTON HALL 1978 (Aerosmith)

Hello All, Lets go with this goodie from Aerosmith today recorded at Music Hall, Boston, Ma. on March 27, 1978. A Fine addition from the attic archives. ENJOY.....

Steven Tyler -lead vocals
Joe Perry - guitar
Brad Whitford - guitar
Mark Radice - piano, keyboards
Tom Hamilton - bass
Joey Kramer - drums
 Here is info found at Concert Vault Web Site:

By 1978, Aerosmith had become one of America's hottest concert attractions, thanks in no small part to the massive success of their 1975 album, Toys In The Attic, and Rocks, issued the following year. The tour to promote Draw The Line, released in 1977, would find the band headlining and filling many of the biggest venues in America, but it would also mark the end of the initial phase of the band. The relentless touring and notorious substance abuse of frontmen Steven Tyler and Joe Perry would gain them the moniker of "The Toxic Twins" and finally take its toll by the end of the year. Despite these issues, the band's 1978 tour is well remembered as being raw and hard rocking as ever. Evidence can be found on the group's live double albumLive Bootleg, which featured several choice recordings from this tour.
Two of the most highly anticipated gigs on Aerosmith's 1978 touring schedule occurred on March 28th and 29th, when they headlined Boston's Music Hall before core hometown audiences. Presented here are excerpts from the soundcheck for these important gigs, recorded the day prior on March 27th. A rare glimpse behind the scenes of this tour, this recording features the band soundchecking several staples of the 1978 tour repertoire, including "Kings And Queens," "I Wanna Know Why" "Big Ten Inch Record" and "Seasons Of Wither," as well as joking around and loosely jamming.

45's MIX (80's) boot 2 of 2

Here ya go with Boot 2 of 2...A fine mix from the 1980's. With a few off some 45 picture disc.      ENJOY.........

                                                    ++++++LINK CD2++++++

FLASH FAERLESS Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6

What's up all? I return to my vinyl shelf with a gem of gems...
 That's right gem of gems!! This Gem is just loaded with talent. We are talking Alice Cooper, Bill Bruford, Jim Dandy, John Entwistle, Nicky Hopkins, Kenny Jones, Keith Moon to name a few. This is a promo copy from 1974. See close up of back cover for all information. (Click To Enlarge) Please ENJOY this fine addition for your collections!! 

                                                               CLICK TO ENLARGE

Saturday, August 15, 2015

45's MIX (60's & 70's) boot 1 of 2

Hello Everybody, Let me just start off with thanks for your visits.  The Attic has just hit the 100,000 visit mark!! So with those thanks, I reach past the 33's and78's for the 45's. I just love this 2 Cd set and I believe you will too. First up is Cd1with a great mix from the 60's & 70's.  ENJOY ALL......

                                                      +++LINK CD1+++

Please return for CD2....