Monday, January 30, 2017


Stranger Things Won, Stranger Things Won!!!!

ZIGGY 2 (David Bowie)

Okay, Okay I now pull off the vinyl bootleg shelf from my collection the follow up to My Radio Sweetheart, ZIGGY 1 with ZIGGY 2. This ones a little more scarce out there in bootleg land but we have it here at Ed's Attic! So download this gem and kick back with this fine David Bowie Bootleg.  ENJOY.......


OH, BOWIE (David Bowie) Re-Up Request

Hello All, Let's go with this fine one of David Bowie at different venues that had me dancing around. One of those live mix gems. ENJOY......   

DAVID BOWIE "My Radio Sweetheart" 1973 ZIGGY 1

Hello All, Today from the attic we have a wonderful David Bowie Vinyl Bootleg Rip from my collection. This is "My Radio Sweetheart" (Ziggy Stardust Live On The Airways: Volume 1) Aka: Ziggy 1. All of Side A and the first two tracks on Side B were recorded for the BBC radio program :The Sounds Of The Seventies" back in 1972, the last three tracks on Side B were recorded at the Long Beach Arena, California on March 10th, 1973. These three songs do not appear on the "All American Bowie" album which features the same concert.

Here is a Link to a review by Alex Henderson........LINK

Burn Some Incense While You Listen To This One... ENJOY 

Friday, January 27, 2017

JOHN HURT (Photo's)

RIP John (77 years young)..... An incredible Career.......Will miss you much.


RIP Barbara (94 Years Young) Barbara was a good friend of my dad who worked with her on Perry Mason.  Another loss, but incredible life.....