Wednesday, December 28, 2016


FINAL TRUCKIN' (Deep Purple)

Let's get rockin' with some Deep Purple for your Monday. Here is Final Truckin' recorded at Festival Hall in Osaka, Japan, recorded on June 29, 1973. A must have for your bootleg files. ENJOY.....  

                                                              AHHHHH What the.....

T.V. TIME (Good Behavior)

Just wanted to offer up my viewing of a new favorite show. If you get a chance, check out Good Behavior on the TNT Network. It's got a little bit of everything going on. It has a great rating of 8.2 on IMDB. And of course Michelle Dockery is awesome as Letty. :: Letty Raines is a thief and con artist whose life is always one wrong turn, one bad decision, from implosion. Which is just how she likes it. Fresh out of prison, she's attempting to stay afloat. But when she overhears a hit man being hired to kill a man's wife, she sets out to derail the job, sending her on a wild collision course with the charming killer, and entangling them in a dangerous, seductive relationship.

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                      I rate this:
                                                        4 out of 5 Shotguns


Let us stay in Jethro Tull bootleg land. I offer off this double disc from Tull recorded over 3 days in Frieberg - Ravenburg & Stuttgart, Germany over April 28-30, 1982. So download and get your Tull on.   ENJOY...........

DARK HAITI (Jethro Tull)

And let's also go with this bootleg from Jethro Tull recorded live at the Seattle Coliseum on April 10, 1979.  Another fine addition for your bootleg files.   ENJOY........


I'm sure most of you hard core Stones fans have this gem of a Bootleg from the late 60's from Swingin' Pig with Brian Jones. "So Much Younger Than Today" recorded off the radio in Honolulu on 7/28/66. 

 Broadcast live by Hawaiian radio (K-POI) :: 20 Bit Master Recording.
A wonderful soundboard recording from the last show of the Stones early summer tour, with the original Rolling Stone-the multi-talented Brian Jones in the band. Professionally recorded and mixed at the International Sports Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.  Recorded for a summer radio broadcast by KPOI (Honolulu) radio, this accounts for the fine sound quality. There are not too many early (pre-1969) Stones shows around in excellent sound fidelity, but this one is great. Performance wise, outstanding albeit a short show, as was the custom then. The band is very tight and rehearsed from two months of solid touring. Vocals, including backing vocals from Keith Richard and Brian Jones are very clear. To be sure, there is screaming on the numbers, but it isn't overpowering or too distracting. As noted, this was the last show of the tour, and also the very last American show with Brian Jones. The Stones did a 27-show European tour in late March-April 1967, then stopped touring until 1969. Brian Jones (for those who are too young to remember...) was fired by the Stones in June 1969, and died tragically in early July 1969 under mysterious circumstances. It was Brian Jones who formed the Rolling Stones with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in 1961, with Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts joining later. A great early Stones show...Highly recommended for Stones fans...fantastic to hear it 43-years later. RIP Brian.<-(Info taken from



Hey, Hey..What do you say?  I say, it's time for a Aerosmith Bootleg recorded live in Costa Mesa @ The Pacific Ampitheater, U.S.A. on September 14, 1988. Can't go wrong with this one folks.  ENJOY.....

Thursday, December 22, 2016

LIVE IN RYE (Jeff Healy)

Hello All, Hope your all having a fine December. Today from the bootleg files I have for you this Jeff Healy baby recorded just 27 short years ago. Holy cow where did the years go? This is from Rye Playland, Rye New York on May 26, 1989.  ENJOY.....