Thursday, February 25, 2016

BUMP AND GRIND (David Bowie)

Hello All, Let's stick with David Bowie off my bootleg collection shelf with this classic and Bizarre Bootleg from 1974. It's another strange one with Groucho Marx and many other slices in between songs. Had to leave out the first track, John, I'm Only Dancing because of to many skips. (Sorry, That's vinyl for ya) A must have for your bootleg files.  ENJOY......


Side 1:
1) John I'm Only Dancing
(plus ...whatever it is I'm against it...)
2) Waiting for the Man
(plus ..ready to die...)
3) Moonage Daydream
(plus ...profound trip...)
4) Round and Round
(plus ...Alice in Wonderland   ...)
5) Rebel Rebel
(plus ... noise  ...)

Side 2:
(plus ... streaker + New York telephone + Pluto & Mickey  ...)
1) I'm Not Losing Sleep
(plus ... snoring  ...)
2) Can't Help thinking About Me
(plus ... furniture & wood & hovercraft & foot sucking & flexible rubber ...)
3) Do Anything You Say
(plus ... massagearama  ...)
4) I Dig Anything
(plus ... baby noises  ...)
5) My Death
6) Amsterdam

(plus ... Marx bros   ...)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

ZIGGY 2 (David Bowie)

Okay, Okay I now pull off the vinyl bootleg shelf from my collection the follow up to My Radio Sweetheart, ZIGGY 1 with ZIGGY 2. This ones a little more scarce out there in bootleg land but we have it here at Ed's Attic! So download this gem and kick back with this fine David Bowie Bootleg.  ENJOY.......


DAVID BOWIE "My Radio Sweetheart" 1973 (Ziggy 1)

Hello All, Today from the attic we have a wonderful David Bowie Vinyl Bootleg Rip from my collection. This is "My Radio Sweetheart" (Ziggy Stardust Live On The Airways: Volume 1) Aka: Ziggy 1. All of Side A and the first two tracks on Side B were recorded for the BBC radio program :The Sounds Of The Seventies" back in 1972, the last three tracks on Side B were recorded at the Long Beach Arena, California on March 10th, 1973. These three songs do not appear on the "All American Bowie" album which features the same concert. I will post ZIGGY 2 Next.  ENJOY.....

Here is a Link to a review by Alex Henderson........LINK

Burn Some Incense While You Listen To This One... ENJOY 

Monday, February 15, 2016

DANCING IN THE AIR (Black Sabbath)

Whats up world? I find myself in a Black Sabbath mood. Lets set that music time machine back to 1978 in Glasgow, Scotland. Long Live Rock!     ENJOY......



Hello All....

   Today we pull off the shelf an oldie put a very goodie. A Vinyl Rip.Recorded in San Diego on November 10, 1969. Part of the '69 Tour. Mick Talyors first North American appearance. One month before the tragic Altamont Show.  The back cover shown below gives more information on that tour.