Thursday, April 21, 2016

TRIBUTE CD 1 (Prince)





Wednesday, April 20, 2016

FROM STAGE TO DISC (Various Artist)

Hey All, Here is one of those crazy live mixers with some fine guitar players. Song 3 appears to be missing.  ENJOY.........

JAZZ UP THE PLACE II (Various Artist)

Hello All, Here we have a great follow up to Jazz Up... The Place. A Fantastic live mix from some great artist.  ENJOY........    


JAZZ UP THE PLACE (Various Artist)

Hello All, Today it's a JazzY mIX of sorts..... Some great stuff here. Great Guitar, Drums, Violin, Saxophone.....Well, you get the idea.   ENJOY..........    


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

THE BRUSSELS AFFAIR (The Rolling Stones)

Looks like a Stones Fest me's Guesses....  Add this fine boot to your files as well folks.  ENJOY....


TOURS OF THE AMERICAS 1975 (The Rolling Stones)

This is just some kind of mix moosh from the 1975 tour of the Americas.  ENJOY....

DO YOU LIKE BILLY WYMAN (The Rolling Stones)

Lets now go with another from the Stones with Do you like Billy Wyman. AKA Do you like The Rolling Stones from the concert in Melbourne recorded 2/24/66 and 2/18/66. 

HOWS YOUR LUNGS (The Rolling Stones)

Hey World, Super busy of late. So lets get a little caught up. Lets start with The Rolling Stones at Tarrant County Fort Worth Texas recorded on June 24, 1972.  ENJOY......

Monday, April 11, 2016


Lets go with my 2nd favorite 3 Sum .... This bootleg was recorded in N.Y., N.Y. on 12-27-91 at the world famous Madison Square Garden. Get your mind outta the gutter Ed.... ENJOY..... 

                                                                        +++++LINK CD 1+++++  

                                                                           +++++LINK CD 2 +++++


TIME IS ON MY SIDE (Keith Richards)

Hey All, Hope you are well. Today we set the Bootleg time machine to 1993 to enjoy Keith Richards bootleg recorded at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada. Let's not forget the X-Pensive Winos! Yes Tommy, THE HORROR!!   ENJOY.......