Thursday, August 18, 2016

T.V. TIME (The Munsters)

Hello Kiddie's, Lets take a trip back in time to one of my childhood T.V. shows. The Munsters (1964-1966). Starring Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster 1964-2007,  Al Lewis as Grandpa 1964-2007, Yvonne De Carlo 1964-1987, Butch Patrick as Eddie Munster 1964-1987, Pat Priest as Marilyn 1964-1966 and Beverly Owen as Marilyn 1964-2007.  Of course we didn't have all the channels we have today. Back at this time period we had 3 Channels. Check out this Link @ Wikipedia of what we were watching in prime time back then. You can catch all the Munster'e episodes on Netflix if you have it. Such a beloved cult classic after only 2 seasons with a couple cast changes (Eddie & Marilyn) a Movie (Munster Go Home 1966), T.V. Movies (The Munster's Revenge 1981), (Here Come The Munsters 1995) The Munsters Scary Little Christmas 1996) and a re-make (The Munster's Today, that lasted 4 seasons from 1988 -1991 starring John Schuck & Lee Meriwether. Got to love the history and the color photo's !!!  


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