Friday, June 19, 2015

FM SOUNDTRACK (Various Artist)

Okay, Okay lets get back over to the Vinyl Soundtrack side of the collection with this gem called FM. It's like your listening to the radio back in the day with this baby. This is a great double L.P. addition to your vinyl files. The album was a Top Five, Platinum-certified smash during the summer of 1978. Released in April of 1978. This is a copy out of Japan. Or is that Chinese or Korean lettering?  I believe we need Tommy over at his House Of Horrors to do a write up on this one. What do you say buddy?      ENJOY....

                            +++++LINK CD1+++++                              <<<<<LINK CD>>>>>


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    Thanks, Anthony

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  3. Hey Anthony, Still thinking about it. Lots of memories for me as well. I'll let you know. Thanks Much, Ed