Thursday, November 12, 2015

KRLA 21 SOLID ROCKS Volume 1 (Various 1960's Artist)

Hello All, Today I reach into my Vinyl Collection for this 1967 Gem from a radio station here in L.A. from my youth. So after that cat lets go of your tongue you can grab this rare of rares for your 1960's Vinyl files with KRLA 21 Solid Rocks Volume 1. Released in 1967 in the U.S.    ENJOY.....


 I Do not think I have Vol. 2, but looking........

KRLA was an AM top-40 station in Los Angeles, in the early '60s. 1960's staffers included Dave Hull "The Hullabalooer", Bob Eubanks, Casey Kasem and Dick Biondi. The studio was located in Pasadena CA.
In 1964, during the Beatles rage, KRLA became the first southland station to air The Beatles.

A second LP of 21 tracks, "Son Of KRLA" was released in 1968.

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