Thursday, March 2, 2017


Okay now we get crazy with Attic mystery Mix (Pt.2). Why Crazy? Well I made this for my life long buddy Tommy (Tommy's House Of Horrors) and was not intending on sharing this on the blog. Then thought, Why Not!! These clips come from a brief case I have that consist of Cassettes I've saved over the years. Amongst the classic bootleg goodies are music clips of Tommy and myself in our youth. We use to call our self's Moss 4 in 1969. That's right '69. Tommy was on guitar at age 7 and myself, drums at age 8. There is also a song from White Sister from a concert I recorded @ Hollywood Palace in 1983. I will post whole show down the road for you Heavy Metal Heads. I grew up and went to school with the drummer Richie Wright. Sadly Richie is no longer with us. Music has all ways been a huge part of our life's. And still is to this day. We have been in many bands together and apart our whole life's. A couple clips are me just hanging out with friends in High School. I think this will be a fun LP to take on your next road trip and just play the whole thing straight thru. ENJOY.......

Note The Stones LP's

Love The Shirt my Brother !!!

Is That John Paul Jones On The Keys?

Tommy With A Old Gibson I Wish I Still Had
Me Playing A Epiphone Hard Body I Do Still Own..
Note Rock Photo's Wall Collage Behind Me

Love The Headphones...

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