Saturday, May 20, 2017

BATTLE (The Rolling Stones/The Beatles)

Hey everybody, Here is a needle drop from my collection of a Rolling Stones/Beatles Bootleg I believe is called Battle. Side 1 contains Rolling Stones Outtakes and Side 2 is the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show taped on August 14, 1965 and broadcast on September 12, 1965. My copy is a plain album sleeve and vinyl record. No Label. Not a lot of information on the world wide web on this one. I did find a little shown here from Beatles WIKI:

Beatles vs. Rolling Stones releases

Despite the ever-increasing number of Beatles outtakes available, bootlegger began to make albums pairing Beatles and Rolling Stones material. From this, the 1973 album Battle was released. It featured early Rolling Stones outtakes and The Beatles' August 1965 Ed Sullivan Show appearance. Another bootleg album from that era was Beatles and The Rolling Stones Live, which, although it wasn't really a live performance of both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, featured three new BBC radio cuts as well as Hollywood Bowl material.


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