Thursday, September 22, 2016

FLASH FAERLESS Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6

What's up all? I return to my vinyl shelf with a gem of gems. That's right gem of gems!! This Gem is just loaded with talent. We are talking Alice Cooper, Bill Bruford, Jim Dandy, John Entwistle, Nicky Hopkins, Kenny Jones, Keith Moon to name a few. This is a promo copy from 1974. See close up of back cover for all information. (Click To Enlarge) Please ENJOY this fine addition for your collections!! 


                                                               CLICK TO ENLARGE


  1. I heard this was actually going to be a staged musical but never got that far. Did you know this album included a comic book? Unfortunately my LP didn't have one. I didn't even know until a few years later. But great songs and amazing team ups.
  2. Thanks much for information. I was not aware of any of that. I will have to search for that comic book now.

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