Tuesday, October 4, 2016

ATTIC MOVIE CHOICE (Blood Sand) aka: The Sand and Sand

Hey Tommy, Here is one you should check out. Right up your alley. Yes? Yes.... "Blood Beach (1980)" Caught this one last night. A group of spring breakers are partying at the beach when a couple drunk dudes bring this strange object up to the party. Well a few of them, that still remain alive that is, wake up the next morning only to discover there is something in the sand and they have a long day ahead of them. And of course the cute girls don't hurt. But they might be !!!  Have fun at the beach the next time you go...THE HORROR !!!!

                                          I rate this:
2 out of 5 Lifeguard Towers

Cynthia Murell

Brooke Butler

Meagan Holder

Nikki Leigh


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